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Jerry was a good writer and was committed to words and, in my case, correcting their misuse. I spoke at an Annual Meeting at TUCW about leading the many activities and celebrations of the congregation’s 50th Anniversary. Having poured through files, photos and other memorabilia commemorating the founding and growth of this church, I remarked on how ‘incredible’ the founders and early members were.

Oops! I got a call from Jerry around 3:00 pm that Sunday afternoon, saying, in his carefully chosen words, that the people whose names I called out were 'very credible' and that if I were to continue to be a leader in the movement I would be well advised to remember that. Words mean something, Jerry reminded me, and sloppy misuse undermines the speakers 'credibility'.

I don't think I have ever used that word again to mean 'capable, outstanding, or accomplishes'.

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One of Dad's favorite peeves. Thanks for remembering! And thanks for commenting!

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